Your Success, re-defined….”

A  member  of  the  Association  of  Private  Provider  of   Education  in  South  Africa [  APPED]  ,  New York City College  was   born   to empower  the   unskilled and to introduce them  into the workforce.

After  building   up   Abbix Media   and  Comm. Resources  International, to   a  sizeable  and  credible  Arts  , Media  and  Entertainment  SMMEs,  the  founder  of  Abbix and Comm. Resources International   faced  a  predicament  of  procurement.  So  in  seeking  to  maximize  the  TV cameras, soft and  hard wares  ,  Film /TV production  knowledge  and  experience,  the  founder  of  Abbix  Media  then  started  New York City College  – an  FET  to leverage   and   make  use  of  Abbix Media’ s  stored  TV/Film  production  resources,  both  Human   and  material in  fulfilling  its  vision  and  mission  as  an FET.

New York City College successfully   co-existed   and  run  media  studies, Film and Television  production, scripting  and directing  skills   with   two  established  FETs  in  Pretoria   and  several  campuses  around   the  country . New York City College   also  has  been  doing  several  professional -certificate  skills  training  and  development   with  corporate  South Africa and  NGOs  for   example  the  Law Society  of  south Africa  and  Grace  Bible  Church  respectively.

The co-existence strategy was meant to soften compliance functioning and overall operational costs. However, a headquarter  campus   has  been  opened in Central of Pretoria, and  it   is   hoped   that  soon  it  will  earn  a solid reputation for quality services in the industry.  It is forecast that  the growth in student intakes will lead to  other campuses opening- as  in line  with  our  strategic  growth  and  implementation plan. We believe that New York City College will grow both locally and internationally to a big and sizable market share especially in  the low to middle income societies that cannot afford lucrative FET schools or Universities.