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Mining engineering is concerned with organising, operating and monitoring mining processes as well as with environmental protection and creating safe underground working.

The mining industry has become very technologically advanced, enabling mining companies to improve productivity levels and maximise safety while managing environmental impact.

Mining engineering as a career combines several areas of expertise. In addition to specialist mining knowledge and engineering expertise, a mining engineer needs people and business skills.

Mining engineering graduates can work towards positions at management level, and often end up in mine management roles

The main responsibility of a mine manager is to extract minerals from an ore-body safely and economically while meeting the financial targets of a mine.

Mining engineers can become involved in different activities within the mine, such as working with geologists on new ore deposits, developing new mining processes and technology, or focusing on the health and safety of mine workers.

Other mining engineering graduates may choose to focus their career paths on rock engineering, mining economics, design projects or supplier businesses.