local government

Learning Programme; [LP] number Learning Programme NAME SAQA Unit Standard IDs
LP1 Strategic management; Budgeting implementation and Performance management 116358; 116342; (116345); 116364; 116363; 116341
LP2 Municipal accounting and Risk management (119350); (119348); 116346; 116362; 116339; 116357; 116351
LP3 Governance and Legislation 116348; 116343; 116344;116361; (119334)
LP4 Cost and capital planning 116347; 116340; (119331); (119341)
LP5 Municipal IT support and project management (119351); (119352); (119343); 116360
LP6 Supply Chain   Management and Puplic, Private Partnerships [PPP] 116353; 119353
LP7 Municipal Finance
LP9 Municipality administration
LP9 Local councilor work


Unit Standard Unit Standard Title NQF Level
116341 Conduct performance management to a South African municipal environment 6
116339 Apply risk management in South African municipalities 6
116342 Apply approaches to managing municipal income and expenditure within a multi-year framework 6
116343 Apply the principles of ethics in a municipal environment 6
116344 Apply the Inter-governmental Fiscal Relations Act to municipal financial management 6
116345 Apply the principles of budgeting within a municipality 5
116346 Apply techniques and South African statutes to cash and investment management in a municipal environment 6
116347 Contribute to capital planning and financing 6
116348 Conduct stakeholder consultation around municipal finance programmes 6
116351 Conduct auditing planning and implementation in a South African municipality 5
116353 Participate in the design and implementation of municipal supply chain management 6
116357 Design internal control and internal control evaluation framework 6
116358 Contribute to the strategic planning process in a South African municipality 6
116360 Manage information technology resources in a municipal finance environment 6
116361 Interpret South African legislation and policy affecting municipal financial management 6
116362 Manage a municipality’s assets and liabilities 6
116364 Plan a municipal budgeting and reporting cycle 6
119331 Conduct working capital management activities in accordance with sound financial management policy 5
119341 Apply cost management information systems in the preparation of management report 5
119343 Apply operations research principles and tools in the
management of project activities and resources
119348 Apply selected GRAP (Generally Recognised Accounting Practices) to periodic accounting reporting process 5
119350 Apply accounting principles and procedures in the
preparation of reports and decision making
119351 Apply principles of computerised systems to manage
data and reports relevant to the public sector administration
119352 Apply principles of information systems to public
finance and administration
119353 Plan and implement public-private partnerships
for municipal service delivery
119640 Apply costing principles to municipal operational and
service-based costing