The purpose of marketing is to identify and satisfy customer needs. It consists of tasks and decisions aimed at distributing goods and services to consumers so that the objectives of the business, consumer and society are achieved.

Marketing managers should be good communicators, think clearly and be persuasive. They need to be good listeners and be able to understand other people’s point of view without losing sight of the original objective. Numeracy is a fundamental requirement as they use figures to analyze sales and market research data in planning and pricing. It is also an advantage to be creative, enthusiastic, pay attention to detail and have sound judgement in order to initiate and carry out specific projects.

Most industrial and commercial organisations have their own in house marketing departments responsible for the broad spectrum of marketing activities. A number of opportunities also exist in advertising agencies, market research and sales organisations.

•  Computer Practice N4, N5
•  Marketing Management N4, N5, N6
•  Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4, N5
•  Management Communication N4
•  Sales Management N5, N6
•  Marketing Communication N6
•  Market Research N6