• Duration: 1 Year
  • Level: NQF Level 5
  • Fees: R 13 000

Course Overview 
The Sound Technology Program is specifically designed to train students for entry level positions in the audio industry, such as commercial recording and post-production studios, as well as live sound events. 

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 or an NQF level 4 equivalent qualification
  • Computer literacy
  • English language (spoken and written)
  • Music  passion and or intelligence

What is the class schedule? 
Classes are scheduled 5 days per week (Full Time), and 2 days per week (Part Time), Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. 
10 hours per week of studio lab time will be spent completing hands-on projects. 
In addition to the regular class schedule, seminars are scheduled . Many audio and business related topics are discussed . NYC  invites industry professionals from all aspects of the music industry to participate and share their knowledge. Educational  and training videos are also used.


What are the learning outcomes?

  • Record a full band (any kind of music) onto a professional, industry standard, Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Make basic decisions in terms of microphone choice and placement, audio editing and processing.
  • Use industry standard DAW’s to perform advanced tasks such as processing and mixing audio.
  • Perform basic MIDI programming demonstrating an understanding of musical arrangement.
  • Work on multiple projects towards a deadline and manage their own time and resources.