New York City College Board reserves the right to modify tuition and fees at any time.

Students will be notified before the next registration cycle.


Students are required to pay fees at the time of registration. Checks will only be accepted for the amount of fees due. Tuition is due and payable prior to the first session of each course. If students cannot pay on the first day of class, a written payment agreement must be completed with the Accountant’s Office.

Payment Plans

If the student is unable to pay for the full tuition amount at the beginning of the semester, the student will have an opportunity to pay the tuition balance as part of a payment plan.

New York City College offers several payment plans and the student must sign a Tuition Payment Plan Agreement Form indicating the type of plan the student will follow. Plan A will be divided into four installments, Plan B will be in divided into eight installments, and Plan C will be divided into twelve installments.

The student will be required to pay all installments on time with the understanding that this is before or on the due dates established. Tuition payments received are first applied against the oldest outstanding amounts. Any special circumstances that may affect the student’s payment schedule, such as medical problems or urgent travel, must be communicated in writing and approved by the board, before being submitted to the Finance Department.

Late Payment Policy

After one week of account delinquency the student will be informed in writing by the Bursar’s Office of penalty and late fee realization. Failure to pay dues may affect the student’s enrollment status. If the student fails to pay their installments on multiple occasions, the student’s account will be handed over to the legal department. If the student has an outstanding tuition balance, the student will not be able to enroll in future classes until their balance is cleared.

Payment and Release of Records

According to New York City College policies, all records and services (i.e., diplomas, certificates and transcripts) are withheld from students who have outstanding financial obligations to the College. If students have made partial payment of their tuition obligation, the College may only withhold that portion of the grades that corresponds on a pro rata basis to the amount of tuition or loan obligation the student has not paid. If the course of study consists of only one course, the institution may withhold the grade or transcript until the tuition or loan obligation is paid in full.