The College expects students to register for classes with the understanding that they will remain in the course for the entire session. However, in extreme cases a student can withdraw from the college. If student withdraws from the course of instruction, the college will remit a refund of the PREPAID fees (if applicable) less a processing fee, not to exceed R1000, within 30 business days following withdrawal in accordance with the College’s refund schedule.

Refunds due to students are not automatically disbursed. Students must request a refund by submitting the Refund Form to the Finance Department. Refunds will be processed and deposited within 30 business days of receipt of form. All refunds are deposited to the student’s account on the Refund Form. No refund will be paid in cash at any of the campuses. Students must ensure that their information on the Refund Form is updated and is accurate. The College is not responsible for late or missing refunds if the student has not ensured accuracy of information with the Finance Office.